The penthouses

Every home tells a story. Where you've been, who you're close to, what inspires you - it's palpable as soon as someone enters a space.

Every story needs a beginning, and this one begins with rich material palettes forming the glorious spaces. Architects Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, Archer Humphryes and Haptic have created three splendid settings, the rest of the story is up to you.

Allford Hall
Monaghan Morris

The penthouse by AHMM is underpinned by an idea of modern opulence. This guiding principle can be detected in every surface and every finish. Even the layout - open, spacious, seamless - is a pure expression of the architect's original intent. The result is warm and tactile, the interiors are well connected to the generous terraces for true indoor-outdoor living.

Allford Hall<br>Monaghan Morris

Archer Humphryes

Archer Humphryes have created a dynamic penthouse that's full of intrigue. There's a sense of turn-of-the-century drama, echoing a bygone era, while being utterly contemporary in its execution.

Archer Humphryes


Haptic's penthouse at Television Centre is underpinned by its rich elegance. Pragmatic space planning, a rational layout and materials that are inviting to the touch. The three-bedroom apartment is drenched in natural light, with a generous wraparound terrace.


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