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The sun and how humans interact with it. This universal idea is what the apartments by Coffey Architects explore with great aplomb. After all, Television Centre curves around the iconic statue of Helios, the Greek personification of the sun, so to base each design decision on the relationship to natural light, as though it emanates from the Helios statue itself, is a befitting continuation of this theme. The shape of the building plays a role too, gleaming brass lines run along the floors to accentuate the original curvature of the structure.

Coffey Architects has designed one residence spanning two floors in the Helios and three single-storey apartments in the Crescent.

The practice

‘Architecture is all about light and creating textures between different materials. It takes more thought than simply creating decorated boxes.’

Phil Coffey founded his eponymous architecture practice in 2005. As one of the youngest architects to participate in Television Centre, the growing studio has been nominated for numerous prestigious awards including RIBA and Retrofit.

Coffey’s work is informed by his extensive travels around the world, taking cues from diving in the Galapagos or observing dappled light pouring through magnificent cathedral windows. This is evident in the practice’s impressive body of work, such as the stunning BFI Library or their residential projects peppered across London’s upscale neighbourhoods.

Studio photograph
Studio photograph
Studio photograph

Design approach

The layout of Coffey’s space plan is dictated by the movement of the sun and views of London. Big bedroom windows face east for bright mornings, while the living and dining spaces, facing west, bask in afternoon sunshine.

Marble, terrazzo: fresh shades of white in high-quality materials achieve a feeling of heavenly lightness. Brushed brass accents add depth to the interiors’ intrigue.


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