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26 Oct 2018

President of the Royal Town Planning Institution visits Television Centre

Television Centre 2

The President of the Royal Town Planning Institution (RTPI), John Acres, had a guided tour of Television Centre by representatives of AHMM, Gerald Eve and Stanhope. The tour lasted 80 minutes, and took in the atrium, the residential buildings and the scale model master plan of the site. The RTPI were especially keen to know more about the public realm, housing and employment aspects of the development.

The RTPI is the UK's leading planning body for spatial, sustainable and inclusive planning and is the largest planning institute in Europe with over 25,000 members. Due to their role in planning and regeneration in the UK, the high-profile development of Television Centre and the rest of White City is of particular interest to the RTPI, who believe planning provides the opportunity to enhance the community as well as balancing business, environmental and individual needs.

Lloyd Spencer, associate at AHMM, led the tour, along with Neil Henderson of Gerald Eve and Nick Hiles from Stanhope offering their perspectives on the planning and development aspects respectively. Mr Spencer provided key details on the project, illustrating the new work on the site, highlighting the history of the building and explaining how they had merged the old and the new parts of the site so cohesively. There was also discussion on how Television Centre and White City Place has contributed towards the regeneration of White City as a whole, making it a vibrant and exciting place to live and work.