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11 Aug 2016

Television Centre and the Legacy of 1908

London 2012 1948 Olympics

Like Rio today, more than a century ago, White City was the centre of world attention when the 1908 Olympic Games came to west London. At the heart of the games, which were the longest ever held, running from April to October, was the White City Stadium just up the road from Television Centre.

The Olympics returned to White City four years ago when the 2012 Olympic Torch was carried down Wood Lane by Eileen Hobson, a former Army Warrant Officer, and passed to Sir Bruce Forsyth who was standing beside the plaque at the former BBC Media Village which marked the site of the White City Stadium.

The stadium hosted many events including the first and only ‘Tug of War’.

The Olympics were held alongside the 1908 Franco-British exhibition, now the site of Television Centre, which celebrated close relations between Britain and France. All the exhibition pavilions were white which is how this part of west London came to be called White City.