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17 Jul 2018

Wormholt Park primary school test out the summer’s best outdoor games for ITV’s ‘This Morning’.

Womholt Park Summer Games

Six lucky children from the local White City primary school Wormholt Park had the opportunity to experience their summer holidays early as they tested out summer games for ITV’s daytime television show ‘This Morning’.

Taking place in the Television Centre forecourt gardens, the children tested out a mixture of water pistols and fun garden games as well as having the chance to offer their assessment of a giant inflatable unicorn.

Presented by This Morning’s Alison Hammond, the children evaluated the games through a series of a different tests, including testing which of this year’s best water pistols have the greatest power and most accurate aim by shooting a pyramid tower of cans from distance.

The feature ended with a with water fight with all the children getting the chance to soak each other and Alison having to duck for cover to stay dry.