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20 Oct 2015

AHMM win the RIBA
Stirling Prize

AHMM04 TimothySoar

The lead architect for Television Centre, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, has been awarded the RIBA Stirling Prize, the UK’s most prestigious award for architecture, for its transformation of Burntwood School in south London.

Announced in a televised ceremony at RIBA headquarters, the award was a unanimous decision by the judges, who commented:

“Burntwood School is the clear winner of the 2015 RIBA Stirling Prize. It is the most accomplished of the six shortlisted buildings because it demonstrates the full range of the skills that architects can offer to society. It encompasses great contemporary design and clever reuse of existing buildings as well as superb integration of artwork, landscaping and engineering. It is a genuine collaborative project. There was a wonderful working relationship between the headteacher and the architect: a true partnership of equals.”

Paul Monaghan, Director at Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, said:

“Schools can and should be more than just practical, functional buildings – they need to elevate the aspirations of children, teachers and the wider community. Good school design makes a difference to the way students value themselves and their education, and we hope that Burntwood winning the Stirling Prize shows that this is worth investing in.”