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6 May 2015

Filmmakers take residence for
‘The Listeners Project’

Listeners Project dancer

The Listeners Project – a Hackney-based initiative that works with young filmmakers in unique spaces to create special short-films – has taken residence in Television Centre. Over the space of two weeks, four directors and crews were given access to four different spaces in Television Centre’s Drama Block, a warehouse space where television sets and props were historically created and stored. They were each given 24 hours to make a short film, taking the theme of ‘resurrection’ and the jumping off point of Emily Dickinson's poem Afraid? Of whom am I afraid?

By creating a series of short films, the Listeners Project aims to acknowledge the history of the space and tell stories that keep it forever. Ben Lambert, Creative director on the Hackney based project, said: "The Listeners project is all about honouring the space, the walls, before they change into something different. London is always developing, which is great, but it's also good to take a pause and acknowledge a space before it goes. We create short films that preserve the memory of the walls forever. The Listeners Project is also about bringing together established writers and directors with those that are up-and-coming and giving everyone a chance to create and 'play' in the space."

Natasha Coleman, executive producer on the project said: "We were really excited about the Listeners project being at Television Centre. It's a great space and the films will showcase both the past and the present of Television Centre, as well as giving a nod to the exciting new development that's taking place. It's great to work with Stanhope on this and acknowledge both the old and the new life of Television Centre."

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