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10 Mar 2016

White Noise goes live

New Asset

White Noise, a new website in collaboration with local residents, organisations and Stanhope, has launched this week to celebrate the history and life of White City.

A live research project, White Noise will examine how White City illuminates key issues for neighbourhoods across the world.  Each month, the White Noise team will examine a theme of urban life through research pieces, art commissions and the occasional hare-brained project. And each month, they will share the results of this enquiry as it happens. They will round the topic off with a report reflecting on what happened, lessons learnt and what it means for the future.

White Noise is as much a catalyst as a platform. It is about bringing the best of the future into the right-here-right-now, working creatively with people and spaces across White City, with neighbours and shoppers, dog walkers, office workers and everyone in between. 

The project features fascinating images of White City at night and uncovers the proud history of White City, including stacks of promotional postcards of the 1908 Franco-British Exhibition.

If you want to get involved in the project, please contact:
Please visit the White Noise website here.

Andy Lo Po   Into The Night 2